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About us

The manufacturing excellence and our rigorous processes, high quality fibre provided by our certified forest plantations, ensures a continuous supply with a high service level creating the Selex experience.


CMPC has continuing concerns about delivering products and services of excellence, which is why we have developed a product of the highest quality for our customers: SELEX.
This mark is for products with high added value, as are our plywood, which are supported and only path CMPC can offer:

  • Superior and homogeneous quality.
  • From our certified plantations.
  • Wide distribution network.

SELEX “Always Reliable”
Each process in the production line of Selex, is designed to ensure the highest quality products, supported by the use of the best technologies available in the market and lifelong commitment to each of the people involved in them.

Our goal is to provide excellent service and products that will provide a high level of satisfaction, both for its price / quality ratio as constant safety and timely supply.