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Selex Board FJ

Great dimensional stability and high physical-mechanical resistance. The board has one solid face, free of open defects favoring the application of moldaje substrates for construction. Due to its fenolformaldehyde-based manufacturing, it offers great moisture resistance which improves its reutilization capacity and useful life.

Selex Board FJ Uses

Usos: Aplicación en el área de la construcción y mueblería

Tamaño (nominal) Real Largo (Pies)


Tamaño (nominal) Real Largo (Pies)


1” x 4”


23/32 x 3½


12’ & 16’ 5/4” x 4” 1⅛ x 3½


12’ & 16’
1” x 6”


23/32 x 5½


12’ & 16’ 5/4” x 6” 1⅛ x 5½ 12’ & 16’
1” x 8”


23/32 x 7¼


12’ & 16’ 5/4” x 8” 1⅛ x7¼ 12’ & 16’
1” x 10”


23/32 x 9¼


12’ & 16’ 5/4” x 10” 1⅛ x9¼ 12’ & 16’
1” x 12” 23/32 x 11¼


12’ & 16’ 5/4” x 12” 1⅛ x11¼ 12’ & 16’

· Natural Finish.
· Broad range compatibility with arquitectural solvent based oil and water based products.
· Exterior grade cross-linking PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate), non-structural adhesive.
· High performace adhesive with outstanding results on porous substrates.
· IFT osenhiem (Germany) certified to pass durability class D4 according to DIN EN 204 “evaluation of non-structural adhesives for joining wood and derived timber products”.
· Adhesive tested by CanadaWood using method JIS A 1460 “Building Boards, Determination of Formaldehyde Emission – Dessicator Method” yielded emission test results of 0.10 mg/L, well below the level allowable to be classified for F **** use “without restriction”.

– Weight:
o Density: 450 Kg/m3
o Weight per unit: 900 Kg
– Defect free clear fiber.
– Fire Resistance
o Carbonization Rate: 7 mm/min
o Resistive properties are maintained given that internal temperature is kept low.
– Mechanical Properties:
Modulus of Resistance
46,71 Modulus of Elasticity
Based on the standard ASTM 198: Standard Test Methods of Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes.


This product MUST be stored in a dry, clean location at all times and transported only if fully protected from water. Further until the final top-coat has been applied (after priming) and product has been installed (in conformance with all paint manufacturer recommendations as well as Highest and Best Building Practices, respectively, for intended use) it must be continuously protected from exposure to direct sunlight, ground contact, and adverse weather conditions. PRIOR to installation: (a) indoors, the product must be “acclimated” to the environment by storing it in the installation space for at least 3 days (with both faces exposed to the air in that space); (b) outdoors, any surface lacking both primer and top-coat must be properly coated to achieve protection. Please follow recommendations by paint manufacturer with regards to intended use.
Failure to conform strictly to these instructions will void any liability on the part of the manufacturer, subject to applicable laws.


Our plantations are certified under the national standard CERTFOR, homologized to the international certification standard PEFC.

Pan European Forest Certification. Timber certification initiative that arose from a commitment in the private European forestry sector that offers a collective brand which guarantees sustainable forestry practices as a tool to transmit that all products come from responsibly managed forests.

Sustainable forestry management certification standard (SFM). Based on distinct public and private initiatives, this certification has been developed in accordance with local forestry facts.